Thursday, December 26, 2013

Every Time I Think I'm Out, The 90s Pull Me Back In

So I pick up Fantastic Four Unlimited #5 (1994) from The Quarter Bin, thrilled that I finally had tracked down one of the Frightful Four stories I didn't own.

And then I open to the back to find this...

Damn you, 1990s. Damn you to hell.

To answer the anticipated questions:

*The pin-up is by Brian C. Kong (pencils) and Mike DeCarlo (inks).

*Reed's not pictured there because he's dead. Dead, deceased, shuffled off the mortal coil, singing with the choir invisible, DEAD. (Spoiler alert: he got better).

*Ben's wearing that helmet because Wolverine had recently mauled Ben's face during a fight. A guy prone to berserker rages with deadly weapons on his hands--who would have thought?

*Yes, that is really the costume Sue was wearing at the time. And Power Girl thought she had boob windows. Sigh...


SallyP said...

I know that Sue becomes invisible. I didn't know that she can apparently randomly readjust her appendages and limbs when she pops back into view again...because that's just...bizarre.

Britt Reid said...

If you think this art was bad, you should see the Liefield-clone artwork poor Herb Trimpe produced for FF Unlimited in an attempt to keep getting work at Marvel.
It hurt my eyes just to look at it... said...

I know you aren't knocking the figure four boob hole.

The thing that concerns me most is Invisible Woman's preposterous proportions. Look at those thighs!!! She's like a kickboxer!