Monday, December 9, 2013

Manic Monday--Teach Your Children Well!

You know, I'm all in favor of letting bygones be bygones, of healing, of moving beyond tragedies.

But, really, we may have gone to far in "white-washing" some of our more sensitive recent history.

Because I'll wager that if you were to check out your children's history or social science text books, none of them would mention this:

Have the culture wars gone so far that we can no longer acknowledge the terrible history of the Eugenics Wars?

Again, try to find these maps in anything they're teaching the youth of today...

We must never forget, lest fictional history repeat itself!!

Hey, wait a minute...1992? That was the year Bill Clinton was elected. You don't think...? That would explain so much...

From Star Trek: Khan #3. Yes, we have to rely on comics based on movies to teach proper history these days...

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