Monday, December 30, 2013

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Do You Have A Bay Window?

It's New Year's Resolution time, campers, so you've got to ask yourself some hard questions:

"Bay window"??

Why do I fell the "Keep on their feet" sounds a little bit like a sexual euphemism...?

What the hell is a "Chevalier," you ask?

A male girdle. The ad tells you that you need a male girdle.

I'm still puzzled by this bay window business...what is it with you 1950s people and your goofy slang?

And just in case you missed the uncomfortable detail...

...the "detachable pouch" has me very worried.

Ad appeared in Space Action #1 (1952)

1 comment:

CalvinPitt said...

"Bay window" is certainly the oddest way to say a guy is fat I've ever heard.

Bay windows are those ones that jut out from the house right?