Saturday, December 28, 2013

Life In The 80s Was Pretty Cushy!

And how do we know that life in the 1980s was pretty cushy?

Just ask the Shield!

Man, that is the high life...laying there alone in your motel bed (while in costume, no less!), drinking that delicious cup of instant coffee, watching old movies on a 19" television...all you need now is a Miller Lite to sip while playing with your Rubik's Cube, and you're totally gnarly, dude!!

A couple of quibbles, though...

This same story tells us that Shield "disappeared" in 1948 (but he was really just in suspended animation, because if you're going to rip off Captain America, let's go all the way, right?).

Well, Milton Berle did become the permanent host of Texaco Star Theater in 1948, so maybe we could let that slide.

However...the nickname "Uncle Miltie" wasn't used until 1949, when Berle himself coin the term on the air as an ad-lib, which then caught on and became popular. So how could the Shield be calling him "Uncle Miltie" in he was gone since 1948?? ?? (Yes, I actually researched that. Yes, I am an idiot.)

And in the rude surprises department...

Oh, poor Shield...The Brooklyn Eagle went under in 1955.

Still, a new Brooklyn Eagle began publishing in 1996, so just wait 12 years, and you can finally begin that job hunt.

And while the Dodgers are long gone, you can enjoy the sports exploits of the exciting and not-at-all overpaid and over-hyped Brooklyn Nets!!!

From Mighty Crusaders #9 (1984)


Mista Whiskas said...

Always love this site, but a possible matter of contention:

"The Shield has the distinction of being one of the first superheroes with a costume based upon United States patriotic iconography, appearing fourteen months before Captain America."

Jonathan Hendry said...

I love how he's watching Planet of the Apes.