Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tickle Me Benjy

It is very important to remember that even the strongest heroes have a weak spot.

For example:

Even if you're made of lumpy orange rocks, you still have a "ticklish spot."

It does make you wonder about some of the dorm-room frolics of Reed and Ben during the college years...

From Fantastic Four #115 (1971)


CalvinPitt said...

'This should prove I can make helpless fools of you all.' sounds really harsh, even for Reed. Maybe it's because we can't see what kind of face he's making as he says it.

snell said...

Well, Reed is under the control of the Overmind at that point, so it is meant to be harsh. You should have seen what he said to Sue & Johnny.

Sina said...

"...the dorm-room frolics of Reed and Ben"...and *DOOM*!

Remember, they were all college buds together?

I bet Doom knows where to find Reed's "ticklish spot"...hell, that's probably why he hasn't settled down and found a nice girl to be his Latverian queen and carry on the Doom line by now. Even though the object of his, hmmm..."attentions", shall we say, has a wife and couple of kids of his own now, Doom's *still* pining away for the "accursed Richards" who, so long ago, chose Ben over him back in their college days, earning his sneering disdain and a spiteful "Well, I didn't want to be your dorm roomie anyways!" response.

Mr. Grimm, btw, not only became close enough with Mr.Richards that he actually has permanent living arrangements with him and his young wife, but is also known as "Uncle Benjy" to their oldest child...even though there's no blood relation whatsoever: "You always wuz the only one who could find (my ticklish spot)!", sayeth the Ever-Lovin', Blue-Eyed THANG! :P

That's probably why ol' Benjamin sabotaged Doom's doohickey in the first place, trying to embarrass a fellow rival for Reed's affections and inadvertently creating/cementing their own future eternal super-nemesis/love-triangle.

Remember the mad King Ludwig II of Bavaria? Yeah, I'm starting to think the same of old Doomie, tbh. Just compare their living abodes: The Fairy King's Castle Neuschwanstein vs. Doomie's Castle Doom...they're like carbon copies of each other. Plus, he's ever so *dreadfully* over-dramatic about every little thing, not up to and including wearing capes, wanting his mommy, and hosting lavishly royal "banquets" for his guests-of-honor (heroes and villains alike) with rather suspicious almost suspects that he just uses any old reason as an excuse to have people over :D

What an old queen :P

"THUS SPEAKS DOOM!!!"??? Look, Doom...the sooner you admit certain things to yourself about yourself, the sooner you'll start to feel better about everything and even start to love yourself and others, and let them love you back in return.

Sina said...

Sorry, I had to come back after reading the archival post re: Marvel 1985 Week, FF #276, Sat. April 3rd, 2010, in which Reed and Sue are in the suburbs living under the names Reed and Sue *Benjamin*...(!).

Taking the surname of a "family friend"s first name who has no blood relation to them but who lives with them and who is called "Uncle" by their child? Seriously? Any more proof you need on the whole Reed/Ben/Victor love triangle, it's probably all in those stories over the past decades, tbh :P

Roger Adkins said...

Reed had a lot of fun with Ben in college. I wonder if Reed tied Ben up in those days too! 8D