Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yoiu've Come A long Way, Baby--Oh, Wait, You Haven't

From the letters column in Supergirl #9 (1974):

The reply?

Now, wait just a doggone minute.

In order:
"From our side":

(1) Superwoman has exactly one more letter than Supergirl. (I will grant several of those letters are wider in some fonts, but that is easily resolved). I should also point out that Kara's previous home, Adventure Comics, and next home, Superman Family, both had longer names. And, of course, Wonder Woman. Duh.

(2) No, it wouldn't.

(3) Fair enough.

"From Supergirl's side":

(1) She doesn't have business cards. And if she did, she can move faster than light, so it would take no time.

(2) She's already changed "frames of reference" from Kara Zor-El to Linda Lee to Linda Lee Danvers. I think she could handle this change with no problem.

(3) You do understand that she's a fictional character, right? She can't do anything about it, you goofball.

Just to be clear, it's their character; if they wanted to keep her Supergirl for trademark purposes, or because they thought it would sell better, or just because they liked it better, that's their right.

But to choose to print the letter, and then give patently nonsense answers to a sincere query? Uncool, man...

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