Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ribald Tales Of Riverdale--The Phantom Kiss!!

Look, there's no easy way to put this...33 years later, a lot of the following story will seem somewhat disturbing to modern eyes.

But that's how Riverdale rolled in 1980!!

Archie is running through the park, practicing for track tryouts.

This gives Reggie, Riverdale's Loki, and idea for mischief. He's going to kiss Midge and frame Archie for it, so Moose will beat up Archie!!

Loki wishes he were that evil...

And so:

You know, that's kind of assault there, Reggie...but such minor details do not bother Riverdale's God of Mischief!

The bait has been set...and now to trip the trap!


But wait...

Midge knows how Archie kisses?!? And Reggie was always a "sloppy" kisser? How often has she kissed him?!? Maybe Moose's jealousy isn't so irrational after all!

What the hell is going on in that sordid hothouse of Riverdale?!?! Did Tennessee Williams write this story?? (No, it was Frank Doyle)

Tune in next time for more Ribald Tales Of Riverdale!!

From Archie #298 (1980)

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SallyP said...

Oh Reggie...you're such a bad boy...and yet still my favorite. Although I hadn't read this before, and it IS a little on the squicky side.