Monday, October 7, 2013

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Great Moments In Strange Diagnoses

Xandu (The Unspeakable!) learned a hard lesson as a young man:

Chicks and magic don't mix!

The diagnosis?

"A trance-like stare resembling death..." Sounds like many a husband on an NFL Sunday, am I right, ladies?

Well, after twenty-one pages of unnecessary fighting (hey, it was Marvel Team-Up, you know?), the guy who is both a doctor AND Sorcerer Supreme says, "Dude, I got this!"

See, she wasn't in a sleep resembling death...she was in a death resembling sleep!!


No, I don't know what that means, either.

Seriously, in what way did it "resemble" sleep?? Was she breathing? Snoring? Was there a pulse?? Was she hogging the sheets? Than how was she, you know, dead? Uh, Len Wein, what's the deal?

Maybe Scott can help us out here...

From Marvel Team-Up #21 (1974)


googum said...

I read that issue in a Treasury-sized edition as a kid! Still super-cool.

Erich said...

Probably over-thinking it here, but I'll go for the No-Prize. When the spell killed her, the magic also preserved her body precisely as it was at the moment of her death. Her body temperature didn't drop, no rigor mortis, or any of the yucky stuff that happens afterwards. So, Xandu was able to convince himself that she was only in a state of suspended animation. Thus, "a death resembling sleep."