Thursday, October 17, 2013

Greatest Cover You've Never Seen--Gangsters Can't Win!!

You wanna see a cover you've got to love?

What? You don't see what's so great about it?

Well, let's try another...

You still don't get it?

Look ignore the rest of the cover--just gaze in admiration at the logo:

I love the handcuff motif there...I LOVE it!!

OK, I'm weird...But admit it, we could do with some more creative logos these days...

Gangsters Can't Win was published in 1948 & 1949


SallyP said...

It is a cute little logo.

But forget the girl, what about your CAR!

It's a nice car.

Prof. Chronotis said...

I was 99% sure you were gonna say it was the ad line "True Stories from the Archives of Crime" -- suggesting that "Crime" keeps an archive. A big scrapbook, perhaps, that Crime can page through on a rainy afternoon.

Matthew Smith said...

IS there anyway I can get a reproduction of the Gangsters can't win - Stories from the Archives of Crime which talks about "The Phantom Gentlemen?"

snell said...

Not a clue. Not in my collection,,,