Thursday, October 3, 2013

Golden Age Idol--The Golden Age Starfox?!?

It's time once again for Golden Age Idol, where we search for a Golden Age hero to revive (in hopes of making me rich).

This time? Our guy is a lover, not a fighter...


Now wait a minute...

All right, what's going on here?

Yes, we've stumbled upon the one and only appearance of...

Superlover?!?! Really? I don't know about this. I...wait, what's that?

Well, there's instant credibility. When the co-creator of Superman creates you, attention must be paid. Especially when Mr. Siegel keeps hammering the Superman comparison:

If Jerry Siegel says superlover is an actual word, than dammit, it is!!

But what is our hero's actual origin?

Fact--Jon Juan is an Atlantean name.

You love the guy already, right?

Unfortunately, angry Atlantean mobs have good aim:

Oh, no, you mean they're doing a Captain America here?

Rare seaweed? Strange chemical properties? Atomic structure?!?

Look, you may not be liking Jon at this point, but you have to admit--it's just because you're jealous, right??

Seriously, though, it's a pretty keen premise--you can set your Jon Juan story anywhere, any time, because of the immortality bit! And with millennia of accumulated knowledge and skills, well, the sky is the limit for the adventures he can have. And there will always be ladies to love!! Heck, there's no reason you couldn't do some Jon Juan stories set in the distant future!!

Or the distant past!! Atlantis was one of those "civilized before the rest of the world" ancient cities, because when Jon Juan first awakens, he's captured by primitive "cavemen," who are eager to sacrifice him to their gods. Fortunately for JJ--there are female cavemen!!

Admit it--you LOVE this guy.

Now that's a superpower!!

In another tale, he rescues the Arabian princess who would inspire the Sleeping Beauty legend...and leaves her longing for him:

"Privileged to know and love him"?!? Oh, Jerry Siegel, you smooth-writing devil, you!!

Sadly, there was no next issue. For whatever reason, Jon Juan #1 (1950) was the only issue.

Which is something we must correct. Jon Juan is like Vandal Savage, except a good guy who is also irresistible to the ladies. Someone resurrect this guy--NOW!!


SallyP said...

Well...there IS something about a pencil-thin mustache.

googum said...

I gotta say, he'd probably be a better foil for Vandal Savage than Resurrection Man is...

Sweetspot said...

Until I read this post I had always thought if I could have only one super power it would be invisibility or maybe super smarts. I just changed my mind.

The Mutt said...

Finally, a superhero I can truly identify with.