Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tales From Quarter Bin--Who Is The Fastest Person In The Marvel Universe?

The Quarter Bin is a good place to answer those pesky questions you've always had.

For example...just who is the fastest person in the Marvel Universe?

The Runner--the lamest Elder Of The Universe in the history of...well, the Universe--has come to Earth:

 He sets up a race to find the fastest person on Earth, so he can take them to compete against other planetary champions in the Galactic Marathon. And thus:

Makkari, the Eternal!
Quicksilver, the mutant!
Whizzer, visiting from the Squadron Supreme's dimension!
Captain Marvel Photon Pulsar Spectrum Monica Rambeau!
Speed Demon--crook!
Super Sabre, the mutant!
Black Racer, member of the Serpent Squad/Society!
(Quasar's just there to referee...)

And the course?

A hyperspace corridor to the moon!!

Ready, set...

Who will win? They're all full of self-doubt!

Ah, but there is a last minute mystery entrant!


Wait a minute---the uniform remnants...the blonde can't be...

The stranger passes everyone with ease...

And despite giving everyone a head start...he wins!!

And who is he...?

"Buried Alien"? Sigh.....Gruenwald!!

So it turns out that The Flash is the fastest person in the Marvel Universe...or the DC Universe...or any damn universe...

Oh, amongst the actual competitors?

Makkari was the fastest!!

All hail the Quarter Bin for answering our questions (especially as I found a complete run of Quasar in there--woo hoo!)

Quasar #17 is from 1990

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Smurfswacker said...

Funny how the Runner delivers two balloons full of highfalutin' exposition: "Such is my passion, such is my purpose!" and then switches into John Wayne-ese: "Ah hear tell yuh got some purty fast-movers, Pilgrim."