Monday, October 14, 2013

Manic Monday--I Guess They'll Elect Anyone On Earth-One!

The best thing about comics is that, no matter how much you think you know, you keep finding things that you didn't know existed.

Things that you thought couldn't exist.

Things like this:

Yes, I know...we all thought Prez took place on some alternate Earth or such. Joe Simon explicitly said it imaginary or some such nonsense in Prez #1.

So imagine my surprise when I'm spelunking around GCD looking at Supergirl covers, and I find this...

Yes, that's really Supergirl, Linda Lee Danvers, with Prez Rickard, who is the President Of The United States.

So was Prez really the prez on Earth-One? Did Earth-Simon have their own  Supergirl? Or did Carey Bates just ignore the memo, and let his freak flag fly?

I don't have the issue in question, but you can read all about it here, as well as the second story in the issue, where a mad scientist makes a male clone of Supergirl, because comics. I guess I have something else to hunt the quarter bins for...

And remember,we all want George Perez to do a re-launch of Prez so we can get the credit "Prez by Perez."


Garnet said...

You can see where in a world populated by DC superheroes, voting choices between the likes of, say, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter start to seem pretty drab. No wonder people started drifting to more exotic options like Prez and, post-crisis, Lex Luthor.

-3- said...

How does this exist?
I must find out, and you shall be rewarded.

Though not sure whether to love or hate you for Prez By Perez.