Monday, October 7, 2013

Manic Monday Bonus--The Rashomon Spell!

So, I think that Spider-Man has been hypnotized...

Yup, that's hypnotized, all right. But what miscreant would dare such a thing?

Ah, Xandu The Unspeakable. Swell guy.

But what's his game?

Yes, Dr. Strange has some gem that Xandu needs for some reason, so he makes Spidey think that the Sorcerer Supreme is his enemy, and sends him to fetch it.

So when Doc Strange sees the scene this way...

Spider-Man sees it a little differently:

So, our Rashomon Battle is on!

So, that's how Spidey would see (and beat) and evil Doctor Strange.

Still, he's better than Mark Millar's version of Strange, so maybe Xandu needs to up his game a bit...

From Marvel Team-Up #21 (1974)

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Smurfswacker said...

I found it refreshing that Dr Strange assumed Spidey had friendly intentions and continued to offer friendship despite a hostile reception. Marvel heroes are always spoiling for a fight. Hero A has known Hero B as a good guy for 20 years.Then B makes one out-of-character move. Does A wonder whether B is hypnotized or under a spell? No, it's "What? B gave me the finger! He has turned evil, and I must beat the stuffing out of him!"