Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You Know Who I Miss? I Miss THIS Guy...

You know who I miss?

I miss the Falcon.

He's been largely absent ever since Marvel NOW! kicked off. Yeah, he's been in Hickman's Avengers, but for what, 2 panels?

It's not just him--despite the fact that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been all over the damn place since Marvel NOW! kicked off, as far as I can tell Sharon Carter hasn't appeared in a single story since the latest Captain America #1. I guess that's what happens when you shuttle Cap off to another dimension for a nearly year-long storyline--his supporting cast gets ignored by everyone else.

Still, I miss Sam Wilson. And yes, I know he's going to be in the forthcoming Mighty Avengers. But that's going to be as a member of a big team, and judging by past performance, Sam will get less attention than everyone else, because he's not as "cool" as Luke Cage, not as popular as Spider-Man, etc. He's just, you know, The Falcon--old school and old-fashioned.

Well, he doesn't have to be.

Did you know that next year is the 45th anniversary of his first appearance? Yes, he debuted before Cage, before John Stewart. He was the first African-American super-hero, and the first black hero not encumbered with having a name including the word "black." Doesn't this guy deserve his own series?

Falcon has been an Avenger. A Defender. A Hero-For-Hire. Don't you think there's some stories to tell about this guy?

Sam was a former social worker--at least, until Steve Englehart retconned him, revealing that had been a mobster until the Cosmic Cube altered his memories. There are stories to tell here.

Sam has been, at various times, a mutant, or not a mutant. Why were Charles Xavier and Sentinels so confused? Don't you think there's some stories there?

If you go with the various retcons, Falcon has been substantially altered, mentally and physically, by the Cosmic Cube. Don't you think there are stories to tell there, especially as Infinity approaches?

Falcon flies with Wakandan technology, partially made with vibranium. At a time when Wakanda has lost most of its vibranium, don't you think there's a story or two there (especially as Wakanda and Atlantis go to war?)?

Sam has a telepathic/empathic/gosh-knows-what link with a bird of prey, and at times has been shown able to control other birds. Folks, that's like Aquaman, but with better animals. Think about Hitchcock's The Birds for two seconds. Now try and tell me there's not some serious story possibilities here.

I miss the Falcon. Will some Marvel writer out there pick up the torch and run with it? Please?

Pin-up by Don Hudson in Captain America Annual #12 (1993)


Mr. Whiskas said...

Did you like the Ultimate version of the character? He defeated Colossus with just a pistol and his smarts.

The Hill said...

A guy who controls birds of prey?! He could rule the world by lunchtime, Thursday.

Jon Hendry said...

I blame Michael Jordan.

There's only room in pop culture for one black man who can fly.