Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Night Fights--Watcher Style!!

Who Observes The Observers? That is the question of this week's Friday Night Fights.

The Earth is being invaded by a coalition of alien races. The Daxamites are there merely as observers. But the Khunds manipulate them, their new found yellow sun-spawned powers have them a little drunk, and they're already kind of dopey.

So when Superman is leading of charge of Earth's heroes against the aliens' stronghold in Australia, the Daxamites decide it's time to have a little talk with the Man Of Steel:

Uatu should observe like that!!

Anyhoo, 3 seconds later the Daxamites start to feel the effects of lead poisoning, and Kal-El makes short work of them.The end.

Spacebooger wants it noted that a mere two years after Crisis, DC was doing Invasion, while two years after Flushpoint, nuDC is doing "Villains Month." 'nuff said.

DC's second greatest event was portrayed in Invasion, Book Two, 1988, by Keith Giffen (plot and breakdowns), Bill Mantlo (script), Todd McFarlane and Al Gordon.

No is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? Hell if I know. Just go and vote, dagnabbit!!

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