Saturday, July 27, 2013

Best. Prediction. Ever. (And, Where The Hell Is Rick?)

Let's take the Wayback Machine all the way back to 1965, and to letter column of Tales To Astonish #63:

"We all know that you're going to bring back Bucky..."

Slow applause for John P. Begley of Harlan, Kentucky (do you know Raylan Givens?). You called it, 40 years early!!

The response?

Oh, yes, play it coy, Stan. Marvel was planning this from the beginning, playing the long game, eh?

Still this does bring up the question, Where The Hell Is Rick Jones? Responsible for creation of the Hulk; responsible in part for bringing the Avengers together; partner of Captain America AND Captain Marvel AND Captain Marvel Jr AND ROM; saved THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE during the Kree/Skrull War; world-famous author and rock star; mentored the Runaways. His middle name is Milhouse!!

And yet, despite a Hulk movie and Captain America movie and Avengers movie, no Rick Jones. WTF?

And in the comics? As near as I can tell, since transforming into "A-Bomb" (sigh) and getting entangled with all the silly Hulk stuff, Rick hasn't been seen in Marvel-616 for well nigh unto 2 years. (I'm told he had a cameo in Hunger #1 last week...that merely highlights that Ultimate Rick Jones is getting for more time and attention than the real Rick Jones).

Marvel: Rick Jones. Now. Thank you.


Martin Gray said...

Great find. And yes, Rick Jones should always be around the MU, he's one of the important early characters and it feels weird not seeing him. Has he met his supposed double, Bucky?

The Mutt said...

I saw a picture once that I have searched the internet in vain for ever since: it was a picture from the Viet Nam war of a wall. The graffiti on the wall read "Only Bucky dies forever."

Mr. Whiskas said...

Have to disagree with you on Rick Jones. I always found him to be whiny, spoiled Marvel teen age angst and wish fulfillment.

snell said...

Mr. W--surely you are thinking of Snapper Carr. He was the whiny spoiled brat. Rick Jones, however, rocked.

Dan said...

Snell, do you actually know people in Harlan or were you just joking around?

snell said...

Dan, Raylan Givens is the lead character on Justified (and several Elmore Leonard books), which is set in Harlan, Kentucky. So yeah , I was just joking...