Monday, July 8, 2013

Manic What If? Day--What If Future Hulk Writers Got All Of Their Ideas From What If?

It turns out that there has been no more accurate predictor of future Hulk storylines than the covers of old issues of What If?

To wit:

Yes, they've done the "Hulk with Banner's brain"--multiple times!


OK, not with Jarella in the Microverse. But they did send Hulk to a planet where he got to hook up with a hot chick and essentially be a big-ass barbarian brawler...

Yeah, Rick's been a Hulk before, and an he still A-Bomb? Have we seen Rick lately?

OK, that's a pretty generic premise, as there's plenty of times Hulk has gone "berserk." I guess we count this.

Of course, there are some premises so far-fetched that Marvel writers would never adopt them in the "real" world of Marvel-616:

Oh, wait, they did do that one. Of course, he's not red here, but still....

The premise is fairly sound, then...if you're a Hulk writer hard up for story ideas, just go digging in the old What If? bins!

BONUS: what did happens if Thunderbolt Ross became a (non-red) Hulk?

Not such a good ending for Rick Jones...

 Well, that's not so good.

Meanwhile, still on his very first day as Hulk, Ross accidentally kills his daughter Betty:

Hey, kids--COMICS!! (But it's only a What If?, so it doesn't count, right? Right??

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