Monday, July 22, 2013

Manic Monday Bonus--The Invention Of Skype, 50 Years Too Early

Just in case you think your parents or grandparents weren't as technologically as hip as you are...

Fonopost? What's that?!?


So, you record your voice on a record and mail it to someone?

I guess they didn't have a terribly good phone system in Argentina in 1953?

And you've got to be pretty lazy to not want to physically write a letter to your "lover."

Take that, Skype!! We won't be needing you 50 years later!

Or, maybe not so fast:

Keen analysis, Sidney M. Elias, author of "Stamp Page"! It will indeed be a "long time" before Fonopost is universally adopted. A long, long, long time...

From Planet Comics #72 (1953)

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