Monday, July 29, 2013

Manic 1965 Letters Columns #3--Commies, Not Nazis!

From the letters column in Tales Of Suspense #72 (1965), a statement on realpolitik and the proper subject for comic book stories:

Nazis were "at a new low" in 1965? Say it isn't so!

Of course, this letter could come up again in the post-Cold War era..."Dear editors...the communists are at a new low. Cap should be fighting..."

Perhaps more contentious is George Hagenauers feelings about kid sidekicks. It apparently hurt Captain America's feelings!

Of course, in 2011 DC would adopt George's position on sidekicks, rebooting all of them out of existence (except for seemingly infinite Robins). They even still have a Teen Titans mag where none of them (save Tim Drake) were ever young sidekicks. Sigh...

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