Monday, July 8, 2013

Manic What If? Day--What If There Were No What If In The What If?

I am on record as complaining about What Ifs that take place so soon after the event that inspired them. How can address how the long-term consequences would have been different, when we don't even know what the short-term consequences are yet?

Plus, I hate the 21st century's trend towards "premiseless" What Ifs, that just become kind of vague Elseworlds.

So, surprise, surprise, look what turned up last week:

Sigh. Marvel hates me.

What they can't even give me "What If The Avengers Had Lost A Vs. X?" or something like that? I'm going to have to dig into the issue and figure out the premise for myself?


OK, let's take a look...

So Magneto is training Hope instead of Cyclops? Pretty thin gruel to base a What If on.

So, it's "What If The Avengers Show Up En Masse At First Instead Of Just Captain America?"

Or, how about...

So,'re sending Namor AND Magneto in your "diplomatic" delegation? These calm, rational, never start a fight for no reason guys? That's a good idea how?

So I guess the premise is "What If The X-Men Really, Really Stupid?"

Let's see how that worked out:

Yeah, that worked out well.

Oh, and Wolverine killed Storm, because stuff just randomly happens like that.

This makes me long for the good old days when What Ifs made sense...

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SallyP said...

Urgh. I'm SO glad that I'm not actually buying this stuff!