Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jungle Justice

You know, we haven't checked in with Marga the Panther Woman for a while.

You remember Marga--"infused" with the blood of a panther, she's now got panther-strength, and other traits of a panther. She can stop charging rhinos! She can beat up weirdly drawn alligators!!

Ah, but what happens when she comes to America?

We begin as...

A tiger? In Africa?

Anyway, Marga rescues his butt:

So obviously...

Marga's job at the circus? Wrestling tigers!

Well, the act becomes a huge hit. But that just means they're making enemies!

First off, she repeatedly rejects Dr. Borgia's requests for a date:

Meanwhile, Marga's act is so popular that they're putting the rival Randler Circus out of business. So Randler tries to buy Marga:

This, of course, leads to the Doctor Doom/Sub-Mariner team-up of the Marga universe:

Man, there's a whole lot of blood fusing in this series! Still, the series is called Science Comics, so it must be an accurate representation of how the world works...right?

Well, they do that thing--put lion's blood into the tiger--and somehow, that makes him into a kill-crazy superbeast!

Warning...the following battle is NOT ASPCA approved.


But Marga is not done yet!

Well, that's good--they're caught and arrested, right?


...must be a Florida court...

And just because...

Thus endeth the adventure!!

From Science Comics #6 (1940)


Zundian said...

This seems like it was written by a 4th grader. The comic that is, not the post.

OTL said...

And the winner of the award for Least Effective Threat Ever goes to... "You'll feel sorry for this!"

snell said...

OTL--Actually, he was warning the readers...

Zundian--you clearly haven't read that many Golden Age stories. This is positively advanced reading by those standards...

Steve W. said...

That is complete and total genius. Who needs Wolverine when you've got Marga?

SallyP said...

Hey...$100 a week was a lot of money back then!

Tough on the tigers of course.

Smurfswacker said...

I think somebody was trying to pull a fast one in panel 2...that's not a tiger attacking Marga, it's a painted elephant seal.