Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sargon's Paper Chase!

Everybody forgets about poor Sargon The Sorcerer.

I'm not going to claim that he was some giant of the Golden Age, but at least he had a different gimmick than "talking backwards," which describes 75% of magician heroes of the era.

Yet if it weren't for his memorable death in Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, it seems as if no one today would even remember him.

So what was Sargon's shtick? Thanks to the Ruby Of Life, Sargon could animate and command any object he touched.

Let's say, for example, there's a recently shot corpse...

See, that is so much cooler than any episode of CSI...

Anyway, Sargon is busting a ring of Nazi agents trying to blackmail the Rumanian-American community into becoming saboteurs.

And what better way to defeat them, than by using their own flyers against them?!?

Holy crap!!

I'd have to think that, even in those days, "confession beat out of you by animated pieces of paper" wouldn't stand up in court...

From Comic Cavalcade #4 (1943)

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Warren JB said...

I would guess Sargon had even more surreal horror potential than the Spectre.

Also, did we just get a sneak peek at the origin story of Evan Dorkin's Milk and Cheese?