Wednesday, February 28, 2018

How Brainiac-5 "Invented" The Time Bubble!!

Look, you didn't really believe that the Legion of Super-Heroes' Brainiac-5 invented the Legion's "time bubble" all by himself, did you?

Nope! Today our special investigative report reveals the startling truth!!

Our tale begins in Kid Eternity #2 (1946), when Kid Eternity confronts criminal Dr. Marko, working on his latest invention:


Gee, this all seems familiar to me...

After the Kid thwarts the evil scientist's plans...


Say, about 1,000 years in the future?!?!

Say, the 30th or 31st century?!?

Where a certain green-skinned scientist "knows how to use its vast powers"?!?!?!

Now, of course Brainy would never admit that a fully functional time machine just appeared on his doorstep one day, and he merely claimed credit for it. Especially since the "Time Bubble" was invented by a mere 20th century human--and a criminal, at that. And double especially since it was sent to the future by a supernatural being from the afterlife.

Of course, if he were being rational, Brainy would realize that it was impossibly coincidental that a time machine identical to the one he "invented" just happened to be thrown into the far future and never turned up anywhere else.

Case closed.

All of which goes to further my case that Kid Eternity should join the Legion Of Super-Heroes...

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Joe Sewell said...

You forgot to include Rip Hunter's "time sphere" into the equation.