Monday, February 5, 2018

Manic Monday Bonus--The Training Montage, Ye Olde West Style!!

Matt Hawk has come to Tombstone, Texas, to set up a law practice...
But he's the before picture in the Charles Atlas ads, if the Charles Atlas ads were about guns instead of muscles!

Well, Tombstone is a pretty rough town, and soon enough the ruffians are picking on an old retired guy!

Matt helps him out...and it's the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Cue Eye Of The Tiger!!

But being a non-dude is not enough--not in Tombstone, Texas!

And so was born the Two-Gun Kid!!

Well, the second Two-Gun Kid...well, really, the first non-fictional Two-Gun Kid... I mean...well, it's complicated. We'll explain later...

From Two-Gun Kid #60 (1962)


SallyP said...

Perhaps the color coordinated purple trousers and hat, charmingly paired with the baby blue jacket were just too much for those hicks in Tombstone.

John Hennings said...

Don’t forget the string tie, Sally!