Monday, February 5, 2018

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Why It's Important To Know Your Time Zones!!

Some murderous thieves want to knock off a passenger train that is also hauling a carload of gold from Los Angeles to parts east. Their plan? Crash the damn train,  and pick up the gold at their leisure!

Detective Johnny Trent has been tracking the ne'er do wells, but gets his ass captured as they explain their plan to him!

They plant the bomb, get off the train, and head off to the planned explosion point, leaving Trent trussed up!

With the help of a not very cute kid, he escapes...

...warns the conductor, and starts a frantic, desperate search.

But they would be too late...

Or would they?

So why didn't it go off as scheduled?


The train is saved, the crooks are caught, and we all learn an important lesson about time zones!!

From Suspense Detective #3 (1952)

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