Friday, May 26, 2017

There's No Satisfying The People Of Earth-4!!

A rogue group has stolen classified atomic secrets! Captain Atom tried to rustle them up! He lost his powers and got his butt kicked!!

And so everyone's favorite shows are interrupted!

Hahaha...the Mets winning. Now we know this is fiction!!

But, ti turns out that Clark Kent's glasses aren't the lamest disguise ever--it turns out that people don't recognize Nathaniel Adam as Captain Atom because...
...his hair is white!!

OK, then.

The public, it turns out, is not terribly sympathetic:

Vox populi!!

Well, Captain Atom regains his powers, gets a new costume, kicks the bad guys' butts, and recovers the ransom!! He's a hero again!!

Ah, but the polls show a more mixed result:

People--never, ever satisfied!! Especially that Washington upper class!!

From Captain Atom #84 (1967)


Mista Whiskas said...

"He can menace any day!"

Ha! Take that, Spidey!

Paul Smith said...
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Paul Smith said...

"Still mad about that kiss he gave you, dear?"

Either way you interpret it, those Washington upper class types always have the best retorts.