Monday, May 29, 2017

Manic Memorial Day Bonus--It's Hard To Be A Mummy In The City!

Scene least likely to be seen in the upcoming The Mummy film:

See, if you dropped somebody from, say, 1890 into present day, their head would probably explode. So you'd think that if you did the same with someone from, say, 2000 B.C., they would at least demonstrate some confusion--or even curiosity--about the brave new world they find themselves in, like N'Kantu does above.

But I can pretty much guarantee that the movie's mummy/goddess won't show the slightest pause at waking up in a far-flung future world, and will be completely nonplussed by technologies that should be indistinguishable from magic to her.Nope, she'll just yawn and start immediately conquering as if she had slept for 2 days, and not 4 thousand years.

Blah blah "it's only a two hour movie, so no time for such trivia" blah blah "so powerful and self-obsessed she can ignore stuff" blah blah. I don't want to hear it. Have millennia-old characters show some shock and awe at the alien modern world they find themselves in, or let me write the damn movies. [Editor's note--international treaties used to prevent snell from writing movies, but the current administration has declared such treaties obsolete.]

Then again, watch me turn out to be completely wrong about this...

From Supernatural Thrillers #7 (1974)

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