Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Undesirable Male!!, Or, When Science And Romance Comics Meet!!

It's time for...

...a comic about me?!?

No, this is far more general:

Oh, dear...

Let's see some of the traits of the desirable male:

And the undesirable?

Oooh...trigger warning!! We have dissent from a student!!

But Grace Doran bases her teaching on SCIENCE!!

And then it's time for our favorite trope:

Smart girls don't have time for love!!

Well, Carol takes Miss Doran to the college hang-out, to meet her "undesirable" fiancee. And there they just happens to meet fiancee's older brother, and ,well, it's still lecture time!

Yes, because money has never, ever failed to save a marriage!

But of course, despite Mike being "undesirable," they have a good time, and...

Oh, dear...

Well, the very next day:

Hey, that list is completely different!! I want my tuition money back!!

So, after only 1 accidental date...

Woo hoo!!

Don't ever change, romance comics!!

From Campus Loves #1 (1949)

1 comment:

Green Luthor said...

Hm, so the revised list of "desirable" traits includes "gay"? You trying to tell us something there, Mike?

(Yeah, yeah, I know, changing definition over time. Ya gotta admit, though, that's amusing to take out of context...)