Thursday, May 11, 2017

Obviously, The "N" Makes All The Difference!

Yesterday, this guy turned up in one of the DC books:

I shan't reveal how or why Magog is back, except to roll my eyes and say, "Really?"

But, as I was discussing with some of my Twitter droogs, I have one fatal flaw: whenever I see the name Magog, I can't help but immediately think of this guy instead:


Mangog--the combined power and hatred of a billion billion beings!!

Mangog--dedicated to the destruction of Odin and Asgard!

Mangog--goofy looking, but unstoppable!!

Mangog--bringer of death and destruction!!

Mangog--he even makes great toys!

Mangog--where has this guy been??

Whereas Magog is the DC version of the Inhumans--we're going to make this guy popular, or else!!--Mangog hasn't been seen (in the regular 616, at least) for over a decade!

I mean, come on, Marvel! Instead of your Sieges and Secret Invasions and Fear Itselves and Secret Empires and Monsters Unleashed, where the hell is our Mangog event? We're waiting...


Siskoid said...

Both have horns though. Easy mistake.

SallyP said...

Egad...I HAVE most of these books! Which reminds me, that I should go and find them and reread them.