Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Night Fights--Gorilla Style!!

This week's Friday Night fight had better be recreated in the Netflix Defenders series!!

Luke Cage has temporarily lost his powers!! At the same time, Arthur Nagan--evil human scientist who had his head transplanted onto a gorilla's body, because comics--has shown up seeking revenge for an earlier time when Luke kicked his butt.

It's not going at all well for Power Man:

Fortunately, a rain storm, a collision with a 10,000 volt electric fence, and good old comic book science have restored Cage's strength and invulnerability! GAME ON!!



Spacebooger wants to know where in the world you find a blue gorilla...

Luke Cage over both brains and brawn in Power Man And Iron Fist #68 (1981), by Bob Layton (plot), Mary Jo Duffy (plot and script), Kerry Gamill (pencils), and Ricardo Villamonte & Frank Giacoia & Joe Rubinstein (inks)

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? Come on--Luke cage vs a gorilla with a scientist's head!!! How can you pick anyone else? Now go vote!!


SallyP said...

I was wondering about the gorilla being blue as well.

SpaceBooger said...

I have no problem with finding a blue gorilla... but I am wondering how we both happen upon a great Cage KO for the same fight.