Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Secret Nazi Zombies Of WWII!!

The Third Reich had a secret scientific project to save the wear for them!

Well, Hitler is impressed by this development...

And the Allied forces have no defense!

Hitler dances a zombie jig!

Not so fast, dude.

A literal fog of war descends on the battlefield. And the zombies are so stupid, they get turned around and start attacking their own troops!

And so Hitler is less happy!

Well, having the zombies respond only to Sporich's voice is a pretty big design flaw, if you ask me. So the scientist rushes to the front to restore zombie order.

[What, they never thought to prerecord his voice giving orders? Or set up a radio link? Or...]

But his plane crashes in the fog! So when Sporich finally gets to the front...

I'd advise you to talk through the pain, mister...

Too late!

Anyway, the fog clears, the air support bombs the zombies to pieces...and Hitler is really, really not happy now!

And so the secret of Nazi science-zombies was lost to history!

From Creepy #35 (1970)

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