Monday, May 29, 2017

Manic Memorial Day--What's In A Name?

Another menace is threatening Metropolis--but never fear, Superman is on the job!! Let's watch:


OK, that may be the best villain name ever.

Kal-El does not agree.

The entirely too self-aware onlookers have plenty of meta-commentary on the issue:

You know, I'm not sure whether to blame plotter Stuart Immomen or "dialoguist" Mark Millar, but if that's the point/joke you're oh-so-subtly trying to make, maybe you should have given the guy the name Joe Smith or Eric Jones. That would have worked much better. Instead, you named him the certainly-sounds-like-a-super-villain-name of Gabriel Van Daniken, which isn't as funny and sort of undercuts your oh so clever commentary.

Just sayin'.

From Adventures Of Superman #574 (2000)

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