Monday, May 15, 2017

Manic Monday Bonus--Repeal And Replace Odincare?!?

Everybody hates their insurance company. Paperwork, finding in network doctors, pre-existing this and specialist that.

But let me tell you--we've got it pretty good compare to Asgard's health care system!

Jane Foster is dying, and in between bouts of being an asshole, Odin has deigned to help heal her!

Well, nobody trusts Loki, so...

So, Balder just has to go to Hardol the Healer, and everything will be cool, right?


Swamps Of Endless Flames?!?

You have to kill a "phantom from another universe"?!?

Forest of Eternal Nightmare Plants?!?!

An uncrossable Valley of Swords?!?

A Valley of Avalanches?!?!

Jeez, and you thought having to fill out a couple of forms from your HR department was a pain in the ass!!!

But, it all worked out in the end. And, honestly, Odincare has the coolest drug delivery system EVER!

Woo hoo!!

So, next time you're in line at the pharmacy or stressing over insurance payments, remember--at least you don't have to travel through the Forest of Eternal Nightmare Plants!! (At least until Trumpcare takes effect...)

From Journey Into Mystery #111 (1964)


George Chambers said...

Odin: When everybody else knows not to trust Loki, and you don't... well, let's just say your reputation for wisdom is unearned.

SallyP said...

I think Loki came out ahead here. Balder has to go do all the dangerous stuff, while Loki can kick back, drink mead and get caught up on his Aesir soap operas.

Simon Dyer said...

Balder has lovely penmanship.