Monday, June 29, 2015

Manic Monday--Why The Bat-Signal Is A Pretty Terrible Idea!!

If you think about it,the Bat-Signal is a terrible idea.

I mean, putting out a general call for your super-hero, that everybody can see? What could possibly go wrong?!?

Take, for example, the time they used the Bat-Signal of the 1940s--the newspaper ad--to get in touch with the Fighting Yank...

Really, that won't cause any problems--right?


Yeah--all the drunks, idiots and wannabes will show up, claiming to be the real thing!

The inevitable result--a little ultra-violence!!

So the hero has to waste time settling their hash before getting around to the urgent problem he was summoned for!

OK, that may have a bit harsh...

But the same principal must apply to Gotham City, right? Every time the Bat-Signal flares up, the nut-jobs and poseurs must turn-out, right? Not to mention the paparazzi, the lawyers, the super-villains, and the guys in hockey pads...

Look, governments and police commissioners--just use Twitter DM's or email lto get ahold of your will save a lot of hassle in the long run.

From Startling Comics #27 (1944) and some Batman movie...


Mista Whiskas said...

"The inevitable result--a little ultra-violence!!"

Perfect line, as those get ups really do look like some gang uniform from Clockwork Orange

SF said...

Funny, going into the post I had assumed the problem would be the other way... what's to stop a criminal from faking the ad / bat-signal and using it to lure our hero into a trap?