Tuesday, June 23, 2015

If This Isn't An Event At The Next Olympics, There's Gonna Be Trouble!

I suppose when you're a race of Amazon immortals, you eventually run out of birthday presents to give each other. So this is what they do for the Queen's birthday:


Just for context, in the normal human world, the women's high jump record is 6 ft, 10 1/4 inches...the men's record is 8 feet & 1/4 inch. So we got nothing on the Amazons.

But then again, they have nothing on their own Princess Diana:

"In the event I do win"--please, Diana, such modesty!

Still, she insists on handicapping herself--fairly substantially!!

40 feet?!? OK, now you're just trying to show off!

And so...

It's nice to know even Amazons pale next to Diana's prowess.

Still, I'd like to see her win the javelin toss tied up like that.

Perhaps the time has come for our greatest athletes to handicap themselves this way. LeBron James, Tom Brady, Mike Trout--we expect you to perform with both hands tied at yout sides from now on!!

From Wonder Woman #62 (1953)

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George Chambers said...

Yeah, Snell, this is Golden Age Wonder Woman we're talking about. Her actual thought process would be more like "What pretext can I use to get my sister Amazons to tie me up for the duration of this contest?"