Wednesday, June 17, 2015

1970s Spider-man Was The Best Spider-Man: I'll See Your Cloned Dinosaurs And Raise You SKELETONS!!

Yeah, yeah, so Jurassic World made a bazillion dollars.

Genetically engineered dinosaurs? So what? Big deal.

If you want real thrills, try...


Put THAT in you IMAX 3D pipe and smoke it!!!

Oh, so you prefer your dinosaurs with flesh? Stegron is glad to help:

There you go--cloned dinosaurs rampaging through New York City. Happy now?

Only, it turns out, cloned dinosaurs aren't really so tough:

See? A tiny bit of web-fluid, and the NYPD can handle the dinosaurs. Too bad Star-Lord couldn't figure that out in 2+ hours!!

And that's reason number 28 why 1970s Spider-Man was the best Spider-Man--because it did Jurassic World better, 38 years earlier!!

From Amazing Spider-Man #165 & 166 (1977)

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