Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bold Fashion Choices--The Fungus Hairstyles of Riverdale 3000!

Strange things are afoot in Riverdale...or rather, they will be:

Well, Archie comic books have certainly been based around less substantial ideas, I guess...

Well, Lady Zulu goes right to work, and gets Betty and Veronica to make a commercial for her:

Well, it's good to know that commercials aren't any better a millennium from now.

But seriously, what's the deal? How can she cut everybody's hair for free? Why is everyone so taking with Dilton has found the truth:




It's a crazy plan, but it just might work!

[SPOILER ALERT: It doesn't work. Because the whole thing is actually just aliens filming a movie on Earth. Yes, really.]

From Archie 3000 #11 (1990)

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