Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bold Fashion Choices--Flying Tiger And Kitty!!

There's trouble afoot in Metropolis...well, in a Metropolis:

So you're a power couple who can't go on a mission as yourselves--what do you do?

Kitty? Cub?!?

And so, pretending to have invented an anti-gravity device, Flying Tiger soars into action, ingratiating himself some of the criminal elemnent:

No, he really doesn't resemble a WWII airplane. Must be an Earth-2 thing...

Regardless, the plan works, and Clark & Lois get taken to Mr. Big:

Whatever you may think of Flying Tiger, Slay Monstrobot heartily approves of Lois Lane in jodhpurs. Very heartily...

From Superman Family #218 (1982)


Britt Reid said...

"No, he really doesn't resemble a WWII airplane. Must be an Earth-2 thing..."

The Flying Tigers were a real American black-ops squadron, ostensibly volunteers fighting the Japanese in China without government approval before the US entered WWII.
But, as revealed later, they were actually supplied and trained by the US military.
The noses of their planes were painted with eyes and a mouth full of teeth...
...which looked more like sharks, but the "Flying Tigers" nickname stuck.
That's what Clark used as his inspiration.

SallyP said...

Let's just face it. Jodhphurs are sexy