Monday, June 8, 2015

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--One Last Attempt For Accuracy In Western Comic Covers!

The covers of comic book westerns have been lying to us all morning!

So let's take one last stab at truth and authenticity:

No, I'm sorry, there's no way one can claim that Rod Cameron was "the screen's toughest cowboy."

No, no, no--there's not even an alternate universe where someone can say with a straight face that Rod Cameron is "moviedom's most famous cowboy."

Well...hold Rod Cameron was Canadian. So maybe there was one place in all of the multiverse where he was both "the toughest" and "most famous" cowboy.

We'll have to ask Siskoid...

Rod Cameron Western #1 was from 1950. #11 was from 1951.

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Siskoid said...

Never heard of him, but then, Canadian cowboys are more or less exclusive to Alberta, which might as well be another country from where I am.

I spent several summers in Texas as part of a divorce settlement, so my cowboy culture is necessarily 'Murican.