Monday, June 8, 2015

Manic Monday Bonus--More False Advertising, Buckeroo!!

Well lookee what we gots here:

Great cover by Bob Lubbers!!

But what's this?

The Gay Buckeroo?!?

Ha, ha, immature laughter, a word means something different today than it did in 1948!! Ha, ha!!

Ah, but on the inside?

Bold Buckeroo?!? BOLD?!?! What the hell happened to "gay"??

Who is this guy, anyway?

Well, whatever era's definition that is, it doesn't sound very gay.

According to GCD, this story was a reprint a few years earlier, and the feature was then called The Gay Desperado. 

So we went from The Gay Desperado to The Gay Buckeroo on this cover to The Bold Buckeroo on the inside. I suspect some trademark games at work, but what do I know?

Gay or Bold? Desperado or Buckeroo?!? I'm so confused...

From The Texan #1 (1948)

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Britt Reid said...

This is what happens when you use a really cheap outside studio to provide your editorial matter.
"Tell a Tale Three Times" explains how the studio St John hired to supply stories and art reused previously-published material by changing a couple of names and modifying costumes and shows how the studio sold the same story three times!
Read it for yourself...