Monday, November 12, 2012

Manic Monday--Good Thing This Guy Never Read The Legion Of Super-Heroes!!

Someone has a problem with all of the westerns Marvel is publishing in 1972:

Hmmm, sounds like a complaint I might have made...

Of course, 40 years later, there isn't that "marketplace recognition" factor that should keep you from changing their names.

Maybe the next round of Marvel EVENTUALLY! should be westerns!! And with a new set of names for these guys!!

And hell, you think westerns won't fly? How about, oh, I don't know, a little accident involving Kang (don't laugh--he's messed with them before!), so all of our cowboy heroes are dispersed through time!! So Two-Gun Kid ends up in Camelot!! Rawhide Kid teams up with Killraven against Martians!! Ringo Kid joins the Invaders!! The old-school future Guardians Of The Galaxy welcome Kid Colt!! Apache Kid joins X-Force, because it turns out he's really a...

OK, that is precisely why I'm not allowed to write comic books.

But don't let that stop you guys from coming up with cool names for Marvel's western characters...

From Rawhide Kid #106 (1972)

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