Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Answer...Revealed!!

Finally, after 24 hours of agony...the solution to yesterday's amazing puzzle:

What, you were expecting jelly beans?

Still, it was a pretty sweet deal:

$1.99 in 1962 dollars would be roughly $14.62 in 2012 bucks, so that's not crazy unreasonable for this proto-Fathead (an actual Spider-Man Fathead would run you $90 or $100, and NOT be autographed by Spidey himself!!).

From Avengers #23 (1965)


Anonymous said...

..and it's a Ditko, too. Pretty sweet.

Dougie said...

"...or breaking your lease with!" Oh, Stan. That may be the funniest thing you ever wrote.

(BTW, I was hoping it'd be a pic of Madam Natasha in a cossack hat : " Come and be keepink your comrade warm".