Saturday, October 20, 2012

Self-Awareness Saturday--New Avengers #31

From this week's New (New) Avengers #31:

In the story, Daredevil is addressing this to Luke Cage.

But it's pretty damn hard not to read this as his questioning writer Bendis, right? Bendis moved heaven and Earth and the laws of rationality around to get DD onto the Avengers, and now Bendis is leaving the series??

Of course, foisting us with unlikely Avengers, and then proceeding to do absolutely nothing interesting with them--or anything AT ALL with them--has been one of Bendis' motifs on his Avengers titles.

Remember when Echo joined, and...? Really, she was a member--look it up!!

Or Storm? Oh, the grand adventures we had with Ororo as an Avenger, right? Right?!?

Noh-Varr, or Protector, or whatever he was called any given week? Vital member, well used...

Quake? Hello, remember Quake? Of course you don't...

Interesting but sad fact: Squirrel Girl received more time and attention than the above 5 combined.

So congratulations on your time as an Avenger, Daredevil...long will it be remembered as an obscure line in your Wikipedia entry...

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MOCK! said...

It's like Bendis saw the cover of Avengers 221 and took it as a challenge.

Avengers was my go to book growing up...amassed a LOT of them...when I came back and Bendis was hot I figured I would jump on board with his Avengers. I can't tell you ANYTHING that happened during the two or so years I read his work on the titles.

Secret Invasion was the last nail for so many things. Eight issues of NOTHING changing. Hated the art work. Hated the tie ins that made NO sense.