Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Night Fights--Orbit Style!!

If it's Friday, it must be Friday Night Fights!!

The original members of the Justice League Of America (Silver Age edition, not post-Crisis version, or post-Zero Hour version, or...) have all been hypnotized not to recognize any of Earth's other heroes, and they've also been set on a mission to recover all the Appellax meteor remnants (from the Justice League's very first mission!!)

The more recent members of the Justice League have been trying to stop them, but getting their butts whooped pretty badly. So mankind's last hope is...
Hawkman vs. Superman?? Really?!? How's that going to work out?

What the...?!?
You see, the Appellax meteors were conveniently made of Kryptonite, so Kal-El couldn't retrieve them in person, as Hawkman predicted when he adopted his Ewok vs. Stormtrooper strategy:

The theory doesn't make much sense...the well-nigh invulnerable robot taken down by a mace wouldn't be all that helpful to Superman, would it?--but hey, it's worked so far!

And it keeps working!! So there's no reason it won't keep working, right?


Bye, bye, Hawkman. Your crazy primitive weapons don't work against the real thing...

I guess he's dead now, right?

What?!? Saved by a stray Zeta-Beam? How lame!!!

Spacebooger is now eager to write fanfic about feisty rebels taking down Cylons with slingshots and bubblewrap...

Even hypnotized Superman can kick the living bejeebus out of Hawkman in Justice League of America #200 (1982), this section by Gerry Conway and Joe Kubert (the last panel by Conway, George Perez & Brett Breeding)

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why? Because, really, doesn't everyone love to see Hawkman get his tush handed to him? So go and vote!!

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