Monday, October 1, 2012

Manic Monday--Cut And Paste

It's part of the comic bloggers union contract that we have to do a certain number of posts bemoaning the state of comic art today, and specifically the prevalence of "tracers" and "photo-realists" and "cut & pasters" and...

Well, I'm here today to remind everyone that it's hardly a new phenomenon; we had such practices even back in the pre-Photoshop days.

Back in 1975, in the first issue of Charlton's Space: 1999 magazine, in a story with no credited artists, the very first panel portraying our cast is, well, you be the judge:

Lordy. Let's literally cut and paste phootgraphs of our actors onto the art, shall we?

And it's not like our unnamed penciller was incapable of giving us more-than-good-enough likenesses:

But several times in the story, out pops the, um, technologically-enhanced "art":

Although, in fairness, while such photocopying/tracing makes for abominable-looking comics art, it never produced anything as awful as this...

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