Monday, October 8, 2012

Manic Eternity--The Battle Flushpoint Has Denied Us!!

Kid Eternity and Captain Marvel started out with different companies--the Kid said Eternity in Quality Comics, whereas Billy Batson said SHAZAM for Fawcett.

But both companies went under, and the DC Borg Empire acquired the rights to all their characters, so the Kid and The Big Red Cheese both ended up as denizens of Earth-S. They even went so far as to retcon a name for the Kid, Christopher Freeman, and had him to out to be Freddie Freeman's brother.

Of course, then Grant Morrison and the Vertigo series re-did that retcon, severing the connection; and then Kid Eternity was gratuitously slain in a Geoff Johns James Robinson comic (mea culpa), and brought back to life just to be beaten to death by the Calculator, because, well, DC sucks; and then his appearance in National Comics once again redid his story so now he's a pale imitation of the TV show Pushing Daisies, but without the pies.


Still, that brief, golden window of Marvel Family/Kid Eternity co-existence had such possibilities. Note, for example, these summonings, all from Kid Eternity #5 (1947):



...and from Hit Comics #30 (1943):

Hmmm...Hercules, Atlas, Achilles, Mercury...where have I heard that before?

Of course, those are 4/6 of the ancients who bestowed their power upon Captain Marvel. And I'm sure that, given enough time, I could dig up instances where Kid Eternity summoned Zeus and Solomon for his adventures.

Which means, that, in a fight with the Marvel Family, the Kid could summon the entities to counter-balance their powers--and maybe even strip their powers away!!

Of course, I'm not allowed to write comic books, but if I were, and I could write in that 1970-1991 window, man, I would write the hell out of that story. And it would be the second greatest Kid Eternity story EVER (the first, of course, was the time the evil mesmerist hypnotized the Kid to summon Adolph Hitler to help him conquer the world, and when he came out of the trance Kid summoned Svengali to counter the mesmerist, and...well, then it got kind of crazy).

So, curse you Grant Morrison and Flushpoint!! Dam you to Hell!!!!


Siskoid said...

I'd give you the gig... if you let me write half the issues. I'll take even, you take odd. Except it's ALL gonna be odd. If you know what I mean.

My powers of bringing up historical figures with unusual abilities in conversation is UNMATCHED.

Notintheface said...

Technically, it was a James Robinson (co-written with David Goyer) story where Kid E got killed. Johns didn't write JSA until a few issues later.

Martin Gray said...

I have to find a KE collection, I've only read the odd 100page super-spectacular reprint.

Those gods are rather fine. Can I say that?

snell said...

Good catch, notinface. Post has been corrected. Sadly, Geoff Johns has made himself synonymous in our minds with gratuitous carnage, but that's no excuse for my not looking it up...