Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bold Fashion Choices--Stylish Swiss Bankers!!

A computer hacker has stolen ALL of Wayne Enterprises' money AND all of the funds of the Ivy University Physics Department.

Pretty bad choices, there.

So Bruce Wayne and Ray Palmer fly to Switzerland to investigate...but:

OK, so it's an evil Swiss bank...go figure. Therefore, Batman and Atom are perfectly justified in breaking in at night...where they find:

They keep their computer in the vault, with the gold bars and bags of money? Sure, why not?

But the most important revelation is:

Yes. That is precisely how criminal Swiss bankers dress.

At least for once, a DC cover wasn't lying to us:

The evil-Swiss-bankers-who-dress-in-comically-stereotyped-ethnic-clothing try to kill our heroes. But c' can't take them seriously dressed in Lederhosen. And our heroes certainly don't:

The moral? Unless you're in a gang of henchmen in the 1966 Batman TV show, don't dress like that!!

From Brave And The Bold #152 (1979)


SallyP said...

As a former banker...let me tell you that once the doors are locked and the customers have gone...that's EXACTLY what we used to do!

Now... I must go look for my lederhosen.

Martin Gray said...

That story is just cuckoo.

Now, where's that golden crab?

Martin Gray said...

That story is just cuckoo.

Now, where's that golden crab?

snell said...

No, no, Martin--It's Golden GRAB, not Golden CRAB....

Anonymous said...

Comic book writers and artists do research on Europe by watching 1930's Universal horror movies. And from those, we learn that everyone east of France wears lederhosen and speaks English with a German accent.