Monday, October 15, 2012

Manic Monday--Finally, A Reason To Agree With Smokey Bear

Oh, great, another PSA comic from the quarter bin...

All, right, Bear...I'm a hard-boiled cynic. Convince me why forest fires are a bad thing!!

Oh, phooey. We'd just eat those critters anyway. What else do you got?

That's why I rent, Bear. Plus, in this market? Used housing is cheap. Next?

OMG, furniture? Please. That's why we have steel, plastic, particle board and IKEA.

Is that the best you've got? No other reason I should care about your precious forest fires???

OK, you got me, Bear. Nicely done.

Now if only fighting forest fires could eliminate the $3.99 comic book...

From The True Story Of Smokey Bear (1969)

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