Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Night Fights--Hot, Wet, Thick Bubbling Mucous Style!!

Of course you know that here at Slay Monstrobot we are justly proud of the fact that we are the number 1 result in the Google search for "man-on-animal action."

But it's time to expand our repertoire. It's time for "hellspawn-on-demonic-beast action."

Which brings us to tonight's Friday Night Fight.

Daimon Hellstrom is walking around St. Louis shirtless--because wouldn't you if you were Satan's kid in the 70s?--when a mysterious fortune teller's curse sends something to attack him:

Now that's a crispy critter!!

Spacebooger is crying over the poor puppy...

PETA has quite a bone to pick with Satan and Son thanks to Steve Gerber, Sal Buscema and Al McWilliams in Marvel Spotlight #20 (1975)

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight this week. Why? Because who the heck else gave you hot, wet, thick bubbling mucous?? So go and vote!!


SpaceBooger said...

My fight also features an animal as well. Sweet!

The Hill said...

We need a synonym for 'trident'.

How about 'cold, hard shaft of hell-forged nether-metal'.

Yeah, that works.

snell said...

Fortunately, that wasn't a synonym for something wonder Daimon never has a girlfriend!

The Hill said...

That might just be because of the pentagram in the middle of his chest. Never a good sign on a first date. Then there's the cape.