Monday, October 8, 2012

Manic Eternity--Now That's Just Cheating!!

Apologies for the poor quality of the scans this post...I work with what I've got.

Anyway, it was established early on that Kid Eternity could summon not only deceased people, but he also had the power to call forth fictional characters.

But that summoning of fictional characters caused one of the more "meta" moments ever in Hit Comics #30 (1943).

The bad guy, Dr. Pain, is getting away. So who shall the Kid summon??

Wait a minute!!

Well, Blackhawk goes on to kill Dr. Pain, and...

So, the Quality Universe, Blackhawk is a fictional character? Because it's 1943, and he's obviously not could the Kid summon any of the Quality heroes to help him?? Uncle Sam?!? Could there be no true crossover of the Quality heroes?

Or...was Blackhawk really a real person, but there was also a comic book based on him, and the Kid summoned the fictional version of a real person?!?

I'm thinking way too hard about this, aren't I?

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Martin Gray said...

Hmm, maybe Kid Eternity was on Earth Prime at this point rather than Quality Earth.

He should've summoned his retcon brother, Captain Marvel Jr!